The Implied Value Proposition: Three ways to transform your sales copy

In this Fast Class video, Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute teaches marketers how to write high-impact copy (MECLABS is the parent organization of MarketingExperiments). He uses an email headline experiment that resulted in a 104% increase in leads to illustrate the concepts.

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Flint McGlaughlin: Marketer, I am writing three words on this board. These three words begin a headline in a recent experiment, “Engage X for.”

Now, let’s analyze them, but before we do that ask yourself a question. What are the first three words you are using right now on an important headline? An important headline in your email, or in your landing page. Because it is not enough to hear me teach, you have to think of how you can apply this immediately to your own circumstances.

So, three words “Engage X for,” these words were built by the brand in their best-performing page. Notice however, that the first word is “Engage,” that is a sales word. And it actually tells you to do something the company wants you to do.

“Engage X” (“X” stands for their brand) “Engage X for.” Indeed, the Marketer writing this may be a superb communicator, but right now, they are communicating the wrong message.

Now, I am not saying that as a matter of opinion. But in our lab we ran 20,000+ treatments and experiments, and tests like this. And we tested this, the new headline said “X gives you.” Those are the first three words we used. They could be improved. But even still, this approach, which began not with what the company wants you to do, but with what you can get from the company.

That shift in orientation, that shift in messaging strategy, was part of the new email that we sent. And the new email outperformed the old email by 104%. To be clear, the new email more than doubled the amount of leads.

So what can we learn? There are three keys. In the next three minutes I am going to unpack them. I want this to be as helpful and as dense as possible. Let’s learn them together now.

The power in this approach comes from an implied value proposition. It begins with the first key. A “reason-centric copy.” What does that mean? It means that you should focus the email not on what you want them to

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