Request Early Access to the Most Advanced Zapier Integration for eLearning

We are pre-launching the new and most advanced Zapier integration for online learning platforms. Together, we are transforming how course creators, like you, get the job done ✅.

Enhancing your student experience, streamlining your tasks, avoiding human errors in your accounting books, reaching out to more leads without lifting a finger – it’s now a reality.

The new LearnWorlds-Zapier integration is your master key to connect with 3000+ other apps. Can you picture the massive number of workflows you can automate? (And the time you can save?)

11 completely new triggers — 15 in total, including the existing ones
3 brand new actions — aka 6 in total
One-trigger / multiple-action zaps now available
New search capabilities

You will be able to automate tasks such as lead management, course enrollments, user management, recording sales in your accounting software, and also enhancing your learners’ experience.You will be able to save dozens of hours of work each month!

With the new LearnWorlds integration for Zapier, you are going to automate your school like a wiz!

Do you want to use the integration before anybody else?
If you already have a LearnWorld’s school, you can!

Request early access here Save Time – Swap Tasks for Zaps

By connecting LearnWorlds with any other app you like (Google Sheets, Printful, SurveyMonkey, QuickBooks and other 3000 apps), you can replace manual work with zaps. Zaps are the quickest way to automate your routine workflows via Zapier to improve the efficiency of your school management all-round.

Once you requested and obtained access to the new integration, go to: Settings → Integrations → Zapier to access the integration directly from your school.

To create a Zap (aka a workflow), you need to connect two (or more) apps by selecting a trigger and an action:

A trigger is an event that starts a Zap. Once you’ve set up a Zap, Zapier will monitor when the event will take place — e.g.: a user is awarded a certificate. An action is an event your Zap performs when your trigger event occurs. — e.g.: SurveyMonkey will send a feedback form.

So the Zap will make sure that each time a user completes a course, they will receive a feedback form. Timely and reliably.

In case you need, here’s a useful refresher of all the Zapier lingo. LearnWorlds’ Triggers and Actions

We presented you with a basic example. So let  me take you through the different options we have available for you via the new Zapier integration and plenty of examples that you can apply in your school (remember to request access first).

Triggers available from LearnWorlds towards other apps via

. . .

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